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Beautifully Designed Eco-Friendly Funeral Products
Delivered Directly to your chosen Funeral Service Provider or Home
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Express 2 Day Delivery to your nearest Major Airport upon application.

Eco Warriors Funeral Supplies provides Sustainably Sourced and Biodegradable Funeral Products to help you or your loved one reduce the environmental impact during the final journey home.

Need a Burial Product in a hurry? Our Body Shrouds can be Delivered Overnight in most cases !

What is a Green Burial?

A green burial involves placing a deceased body in the ground in a way that allows the body to decompose naturally.

  • A green grave site is a natural setting, resembling a forest floor.
  • The green burial method starts with the body preparation, which uses no embalming fluid or a non-formaldehyde based formula. 
  • Green burials are often more economical than a standard burial.
  • If there is a headstone, its usually a rock or a piece of rough-cut limestone that is flat on one side to identify the deceased. Some methods also use GPS coordinates to spot a graves location.
  • Funeral Caskets are often made of Sustainable and Biodegradable materials such as Bamboo, Willow, Seagrass or cardboard. Sometimes a Shroud may be used to wrap the body.
  • A natural burial can begin or end with a memorial service and can be a religious or non-religious ceremony. 
  • A green funeral not only reduces our carbon footprint, but can be a spiritual connection with nature at the end of life.

Benefits of a Green Burial

 Green Burials aim to reduce the impact on Earth by incorporating environmentally friendly elements such as Eco Caskets or Shrouds etc

  • Made from Biodegradable and Sustainably sourced Natural materials
  • Creates Cultural and Spiritual Burials
  • Protect and restore wildlife habitat
  • Minimal or no embalming fluids, vaults, herbicides or pesticides
  • Reduces Carbon Footprint
  • A more Economical Funeral Option
  • More control over your final resting place
  • A thoughtful and sustainable way to honor loved ones all while minimizing negative impacts on the environment
  • Our Funeral Products are not just for those who are environmentally conscious – our products are visually appealing, practical, functional and an economical solution.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our Eco-Friendly Products are of the Highest Quality.
  • Quick, Easy and No Fuss purchasing.
  • Transparent Pricing
  • *Free Delivery direct to your Home, Business or your selected Funeral Provider within the lower 48 States.
  • Expedited 2 Day Delivery via Air Freight to your nearest Major Airport available for an additional fee. ( upon application )
  • Body Shrouds can be Delivered Overnight to most cases.
  • Our quality Eco-Friendly products are More Affordable than Traditional Funeral Products.
  • High standard of Customer Service
  • We understand the emotional rollercoaster you and your family are going through and are here with our expert knowledge, and empathy to help you during the final journey home.
  • Option to Pre-Plan and Pre-Pay your own Funeral, by choosing your Casket and other products ahead of time so you don’t leave those decisions up to your family when they will be emotionally distraught at your passing.

Who Are We?

ECO WARRIORS Funeral Supplies is a joint venture between Mr Mark Thomas and Mr Edward ( Ed ) Bixby.

Ed is a highly respected Leader in the Green Funeral- Green Burial movement and is the President of the  GLOBAL GREEN BURIAL ALLIANCE.

Ed is devoted to assisting families seeking to find environmentally responsible and meaningful ways of honoring their loved ones on land and by sea.

Ed owns & manages +10 Historic Cemeteries across the U.S. including Steelmantown Cemetery and he is the owner of Destination Destiny.

Mark is a true entrepreneur who has worn many hats over the years from a Motor Mechanic to owning a very successful Property Maintenance and Landscape Company.

In 1993 Mark invested in a Patented Memorial Urn Concept called The Everlasting Urn® designed for the retention of Cremated Remains for placement in the Home Garden.

Mark also had a hand in developing the Companion Animal Memorial Market and the Pet Cremation – Pet Funeral Director concept.

Both Gents have a wealth of compassion, knowledge and experience in the Funeral Industry & helping families navigate through an incredibly difficult and emotional time of their life.

Losing someone close, or planning your own funeral, is one of the most difficult human experiences we will possibly endeavor.

We understand and have empathy! We are one of you!

Our compassion and experience can help you through the difficult process !

With this final goodbye, the grief is heavy,
like dark clouds around my heart.

The only thing that lessens my grief as I say farewell,
is the loving memories we shared together.

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