Commercial Funeral Trade Information

for our Funeral Industry – Professional Colleagues.

Dear Funeral Industry – Professional Colleague,

  1. We apologize for you needing to read the following information, however we believe that for your kind attention and knowledge, and peace of mind, it most important regarding how we are different and operate to ALL others.
  2. Thank you for clicking the link and your interest and taking several minutes of your valued time to read this brief page regarding FUNERAL TRADE ONLY PRICE SUPPLY DEALS and you choosing us @ ECO WARRIORS FUNERAL SUPPLIES in due course as one of – if not your ONLY Preferred Supplier of Eco Friendly – Green Burial – Low Coast- Direct Cremation Funeral Supplies to your Commercial Operation/s.
  3. If you are a Funeral Director, Funeral Home, Green Burial Cemetery Owner, Crematorium, or a Cremation Service Company you can buy ALL our products at your Tier#1 Preferred FUNERAL TRADE ONLY prices after a detailed Online Trading Application here and after our cross-checking & due diligence.
  4. As a FUNERAL TRADE Business, YOU now can offer the families you serve a selected array of high quality and several EXCLUSIVE & unique Green Burial & Eco-Friendly & Direct Cremation Products proudly bought to market & provided by ECO WARRIORS Funeral Supplies.
  5. Please be assured, we DO NOT have any other ONLINE SUPPLIERS or INDEPENDENT or Mum & Dad “ Resellers – Wholesalers – Distributors- “ you are competing against on selling prices and being among discounting Wars – that’s just a race to the bottom for all parties.
  6. We genuinely believe our already Heavily Discounted Prices on our website are most fair to the general consumer – Retail Shopper et. al., yet we certainly understand you need to buy much better on a commercial – trade application and selling basis.
  7. We have NO doubt the general public and consumer would be supportive of all things fair – and clearly if reading this understand commerce & Trade Business – Bulk and Repetitive Buying and your right to a better buy price & to make money buying and selling goods as part of your services provided.
  8. The DISCOUNTED RETAIL PRICE TO CONSUMER is the ONLY benchmark you need to worry about when selling a Casket or other Funeral products purchased from ECO WARRIORS Funeral Supplies.
  9. You are NOT obligated to sell at that DISCOUNTED RETAIL PRICE – we DO NOT run your business – BUT – you must please be aware the General Public “ may “ find this product on our website and compare your asking price. This is YOUR business – we are NOT into “ illegal price fixing ” and it’s a free market. Just please be aware that could be the case.
  10. We WILL NOT – and KNOWINGLY NOT take or sell to a general consumer – possible client that you are working with and where you told them about us and check out the website. BEFORE we would sell a Casket ONLINE to a general consumer we will ask specifically if this is the case and if / where appropriate or should we have doubts and concerns we can and might well ask as to who their choice of Funeral Director – Funeral Service- Green Burial- Cremation Service Provider might be if they will disclose and it NOT out of order to ask.
  11. We have NOT and WILL NOT EVER DISCOUNT below our own already Discounted & / or Advertised Discounted RETAIL PRICE on this very Website or Social Media etc. and try to under-cut the Funeral Trade – NOT NOW, NOT EVER ! If in doubt – try us might you care and will !
  12. This NOT EVER DISCOUNTING further offers you, the Funeral Trade Professional, peace of mind and a guaranteed % margin / mark-up on & against your Costs that is easily budgeted for in a Service Provided.
  1. We invited you to this specific information Page as a Funeral Industry ONLY pathway to further FUNERAL SERVICE TRADE & INDUSTRY ONLY DISCOUNTED PRODUCTS upon application where ( if approved ) you will be granted after all background & cross-checking your signed application a Company Account with specific reference Codes & Private Access Numbers granting Exclusive access to TRADE ONLY Pricing totally out of view to the General Public. Internet Surfer and Private Shopper.
  2. The General Consumer may purchase as per Internet DISCOUNTED RETAIL PRICE Pricing – but they will NEVER have access to TRADE ONLY PRICING – and certainly NEVER EVER further discounting from the already Discounted RETAIL PRICE DEAL to them and clearly disclosed for ALL parties on our ECO WARRIORS Funeral Supplies website.
  3. We understand as a FUNERAL SERVICE TRADE ONLY CUSTOMER you are entitled to your own margin and assure a reasonable % Further Discount is offered & that offering you a decent Mark-Up to bring all back to our Published already DISCOUNTED RETAIL PRICE TO CONSUMER that the Public must buy at.
  4. We WILL NEVER FURTHER REDUCE the DISCOUNTED RETAIL PRICE DIRECT TO CONSUMER – PERIOD !- if in any doubt try us- secret shop us and see what is done – said and enforced.
  5. As a Commercial customer, you can choose to get our products delivered to you or have us dropship directly to your customers.
  6. All our Funeral Service Products on offer are quality checked before being shipped out to your Funeral Service establishment or directed point of drop as directed on your Official Company Order.
  7. This link will take you to the COMMERCIAL CLIENT ONLY Registration Area and Online Application Form to apply as a Preferred Commercial Partner of ECO WARRIORS Funeral Supplies.
  8. Once we receive your completed ONLINE Registration Form, we will engage & send you a confirmation email that your application is in house and shall be processed and advise we will be in touch next business day to discuss all. ( Within 24 Hours )
  9. Once Approved ( if so ) – we will offer verbally and via email your EXCLUSIVE Login Codes & Credentials.
  10. Be aware your FUNERAL TRADE ONLY Logins are tracked – this is to prevent Fraudulent actions and “ others “ using your Client specific Security Codes.
  11. Once you Login, you will be able to see all the FUNERAL TRADE ONLY SPECIAL prices so as you might start to place Official Company Orders attributed to your Account Codes with thanks in advance.

Apply for a Commercial Funeral Trade Account here.