Fair & Share Policy

What is the ECO WARRIORS™ Funeral Supplies “Fair & Share Policy” ?

Let it be said – clear & respectful to all parties, we here at ECO WARRIORS™ Funeral Supplies work very closely with Independent Funeral Homes – and we are very mindful they obviously need to make money on the sale of a Casket and that’s fine. They should, as they have businesses & commercial enterprises to run, staff to pay, rent or mortgages to pay, electricity bills & all sorts of overheads to pay and so a fair and reasonable mark-up is fully understood, agreed & supported.

It must be made clear for all please – NEVER-EVER-EVER can the Consumer Buy a Casket Cheaper than advertised on our website.

A Consumer will NEVER -EVER be offered nor allowed a Casket at TRADE PRICES – because that is NOT FAIR & SHARE. They pay the Listed WEBSITE PRICE in Full- where TRADE CLIENTS – Independent / Family-Owned Funeral Homes & Funeral Directors etc. obtain a significant further TRADE Discount to assist running their business.

TRADE PRICING is Offered to TRADE ONLY – WHY ?- again they have businesses to run, costs to meet and frankly they can, do and will buy many Caskets over a given time period – per Quarter- Per Annum.

ALL Products are already heavily discounted to assist the CONSUMER – and there is ZERO CHANCE of Consumers BUYING a CASKET any better than advertised on our website. It is noticeably clear to us a general consumer is / are NOT TRADE CLIENTS & thus can-not open nor purchase at TRADE PRICING- EVER – PERIOD !

Further, ALL – please kindly note – We will NEVER take a Consumer Sale by offering cheaper than our ONLINE ADVERTISED PRICE. The Consumer please must understand we have NEVER and WILL NEVER Discount a Sale more to take all away from a Family Owned – Independent Funeral Home- Funeral Director.

We are here for YOU be it a Family-Owned Independent Funeral Home, Independent Funeral Home Group – an Independent Funeral Director or the CONSUMER first and foremost !

We don’t care nor have any desire to play with Greedy Corporates & Greedy Big Business who demand low-pricing to buy – and sell ridiculously high priced – just to feed all the Multi-tiers of Senior & Executive Management, the Fat Cats & “ Dead -Wood “ up and down the aisles and hallways of Corporate Ivory Towers & Office Buildings with views for miles.

We don’t care and nor should you … ( in our Honest Opinion ) … for or to support Greedy Big Business to help pay for their Private Planes and rides, +15 x chair exotic Boardrooms, Fine Art on the Walls – and aid them to build very healthy returns to fund greedy shareholders who don’t care HOW they get the profits & R.O.I’s – BUT – just get them ! – is their mantra.

We feel as often is the case, when dealing with Greedy Big Business / Corporates in that to be forced, conned, tricked, loaded-up or even “screwed” at your own and your Families &/ or Loved Ones’ time of need is most unfair, even out of order. We here at Eco Warriors™ Funeral Supplies desire to help where we can on a Win-Win-Win ( 3 x Winners ) scenario that comes to the forefront and is critical to our offerings and dealings with ALL parties.

That is …and in NO specific order ..

  • The INDEPENDENT Funeral Service Provider et.al.
  • You and Yours – Family in / or at need as “The Consumer
  • We as true Eco Warriors™ Funeral Supplies

IF the Funeral Home – Funeral Director – Funeral Service Provider et. al. can’t or won’t play by our or any “Fair and Share Policy” – then ( sadly ) so be it !,
… as YOU & YOURS & The Consumers are in total control of your choices and can save up to $1200-$1300 having that control … and so, it will become a Win-Win Scenario ( 2 X Winners ) being You and Us !

If it has to be – and if a General Consumer cant, wont, isn’t able to work with an Independent Funeral Home – then nothing pleases us more than to be asked to send a Casket to a Corporate Owned Funeral Home for their client as purchased at the exact advertised price on our website.

If we may share again- as a Family- Consumer will need a Funeral Director to assist in majority of cases we ask you to kindly consider a Family-Owned Independent Operation FIRST and foremost please.

In our opinion – They know better than others how to KEEP it REAL !

In closing, any amount of Independent Funeral Homes can be found by looking over these websites and others helping find a Family Owned- Independent Funeral Home & Director , here are just two fantastic Groups :-

Order of the Golden Rule – www.OGR.org 

SELECTED Independent Funeral Homes – www.selectedfuneralhomes.org

That’s what we call “ FAIR & SHARE “ and time it came back into Funeral Service and Supply.

Eco Warriors™ – Tipping the scales back in the consumers’ favor.