Modern Day Slavery Act

We believe that forced labor in any of its forms has no place in our operations or supply chains and that business, government and civil society must work together to make progress on this hideous & complex Global issue.

Our Modern Slavery Act disclosure details our efforts to address forced labor, including modern slavery and human trafficking, which are core components of our human rights strategy and programs.

We promise to ONLY Trade & Deal with both NEW & NEXT Generation Suppliers & First-Tier Suppliers at all times. Our success in growing Eco Warriors Funeral Supplies while delivering positive social & environmental impacts depends on high-performing suppliers & supply chains are constantly monitored and a core focus when we agree to do business with Key Suppliers.

We expect our First-tier Suppliers to respect human rights, and environmental standards and maintain balanced pay rights & ethics in their workplaces.

Late 2022 we developed our Supplier Code of Conduct, which describes our human rights, ethical and environmental expectations of ALL suppliers, including a prohibition on forced labor, and we initiated our Responsible Sourcing Program with assistance from A-Q-F ( Asia Quality Focus Group ) our Asian onsite Independent Inspection Partners under ongoing Services Contract.

Effectively A-Q-F are our “ eyes and ears “ in our absence and we engage them to visit our suppliers without notice – this is key so that all are mindful and on their toes at all times.

This program engaged our suppliers regardless of where they are based – yet primarily in South East Asia in improving ( if and where needed ) their sustainability performance through education & an industry-standard approach that leveraged & allowed INDEPENDENT on-site social compliance audits to identify workplace issues and drive change where risk is at its highest.

Sadly, research shows that it is difficult to address the root causes of the most complex sustainability challenges through audits alone – and, that it is critically important to engage all tiers of Management & Factory floor workers in helping identify critical issues and help- have input into shaping solutions.

Recognizing that some supplier/s may need additional direction on how to implement the Eco Warriors Code in their workplaces, our Supplier Code of Conduct Guide sheets includes good practice examples for developing management systems to identify, remediate and prevent forced labor and other human rights risks.

  • We PROMISE to continue to align our suppliers with our social, environmental, and ethical expectations through our Eco Warriors Funeral Supplies Supplier Code of Conduct.
  • We WILL if not in person upon Factory visits & personal Inspections or reliance upon our appointed Independent Contractors such as A-Q-F & Contracted Quality Assurance Team assess the sustainability performance ( if so arrive unannounced) and social compliance results of prioritized high-risk suppliers using, leveraging this widely recognized supplier evaluation tool while also unlocking increased visibility and insights for ECO WARRIORS Managers- Owners and our preferred suppliers to put into action.
  • We support and ask of our Key and all Preferred Suppliers ( KPS ) of our desire, need, and expectations so as they advance their Internal Management and Business performance & treatment of ALL Staff and General Workers through a new, longer-term model focused on driving systemic change and engagement of ALL workers regardless of task employed to perform.

Age, Job Title and Status mean NOTHING to Eco Warriors Management – we expect best & fair treatment from ALL from the Owner- President down to the janitor – ALL are equal in our eyes & expectation.

This QUALITY CONTROL and EXPECTATION MODEL is leveraged by the expertise of external advisors, including our global strategic human rights partners.

We will always assess the impact of this work to understand the real difference it makes for people in our supply chains and of the materials used with respect to this planet we all share.

Our aim is for this program to help us achieve our goal of working with suppliers that share our values and commitments and cease work with those who are unable or unwilling to meet our expectations.

As part of our ongoing commitment to building supplier capability, we will periodically engage suppliers in awareness-raising and third-party training initiatives to drive continuous improvement.

Our ECO WARRIORS Funeral Supplies documentation and using the same where now our preferred suppliers are expected to take our New & Next Generation Supplier training information and documents, covering our human rights standards and expectations of our suppliers, including strong focus and regard to either poorly paid – forced or under age- forced labor.

Training and enforcing our Supplier Code of Conduct via our New Generation Supplier Program and our overall approach to addressing human rights issues to date, including content related to forced labor risks and remediation is key to our ongoing performance and supply of goods to the Funeral Industry as a whole.