Why we DON’T paint Casket range

Traditionally a white painted coffin or casket has been a popular choice when laying a loved one to rest. Eco Warriors™ Funeral Supplies are 100% focused on Eco-Friendly Funeral related products, Green Burials etc., and Paint Chemicals is not in align with an environmentally friendly burial or cremation that aims to have as little impact on the earth as possible.

Eco Warriors™ Caskets are made from sustainably produced materials from renewable sources, like Willow, Seagrass and Bamboo.

Traditional Caskets on the other hand, are not produced in sustainable ways and are often made from materials such as Solid Wood that is Stained and Varnished or made of Steel that needs to be painted with Chemical riddled paint.

We say a firm ‘NO‘ to adding harmful paint chemicals to our Eco-Friendly Caskets that shall be either Cremated or Buried.

Our Range of Caskets are easily 100% biodegradable & we don’t wish to add harmful toxins to the earth as they decompose.

All Caskets are produced in a way that is carbon-neutral. .. YET we also understand that you, the Customer can have WHAT YOU WANT !

So, what is the answer if you wish to have a light colored casket but stay Eco Friendly?

Eco Warriors™ Funeral Supplies offers a 100% NATURAL- NO BLEACHING Off-White color on some caskets in our product range. It is achieved by a hand applied process to some of our caskets called “Whitewash”. This is a more natural process which lightens the cane to give a lighter, whiter appearance, as shown in the example below. 

Unless otherwise stated, our carriers, and caskets are made with a solid wooden base, and all handles are secured into the solid wooden frame of the casket, or carrier design, making them very strong and secure, and the Funeral Industry's number one choice.